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Consent to Release Information to Third Parties

Consent forms are provided for students to give consent to third-parties (for example, a parent or guardian) to have access to their educational records. Each form needs to be completed by the student.

Consent to Release Financial Information Procedure

A student may release financial information through the MyUTK portal: Students will choose “View/Pay Fees” and then the tab labeled “Authorize Users” to give consent to an individual to view the student’s account information and make payments on the student’s behalf. Adding an authorized user is the student’s written consent to give others the ability to access his/her account information.

Consent to Release Academic Records

Students can grant access to parents or guardians using the FERPA Academic Record Release online by going to MyUTK and choosing FERPA Academic Release Form located in the Academic Links box on the main page. Completing the form will provide access to the student’s academic records for a period of one (1) year or until revoked by the student. The form requires the name of the person(s) to whom consent is given and a “secret word” to verify that person’s identity.

Consent to Release Disciplinary Records

Consent forms are available for the student to complete and sign. The original form should be maintained (1) in the office where it was filed, (2) entered into the Banner electronic tracking system; or (3) if the form is used for a single-day release, it should not be entered into Banner, but the consent form should be kept in the student’s file for the life of the record.

Student Information Release for Sponsored Projects

Departments are to ensure The University’s FERPA policy is followed to protect the privacy of our students. The process will require department payroll administrators or those who process payroll to request all students complete a “Student Information Release Form for Sponsored Projects”. Departments will maintain a copy of the form for the student as long as the individual is a student. If the student was used on an awarded project, the department will retain the document for three years after the final audit of the sponsored project.

Directory Exclusion Form

Directory Exclusion Form

A request for directory exclusion prevents publication of your directory information in the Web Directory. Directory Exclusion prevents publication of directory information and release of information to non-University (external) entities. However, information will still be disclosed without the consent of the student at the request of University (internal) entities. To take additional steps for privacy, please see “Additional Steps for Privacy” below.

To request Directory Exclusion, print the Directory Exclusion Form, complete it and mail or fax it to:

Office of the University Registrar (Attention: Ryan Carter)
209 Student Services Building
The University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-0220
Phone: 865-974-1111

Privacy and Your E-mail Account
Web Directory exclusion does not disable use of email services or Canvas.

Additional Steps for Privacy
A student may request that additional steps be taken that prevent any disclosure of directory information to UT and/or non-UT entities. In this case, a request must be made in person to Office of the University Registrar (Attn: Charlene Ingle), 209 Student Services Building, (865) 974-1501.

Directory Exclusion for Students who are also UT Employees
If a student who is also a UT employee requests privacy, no listing will appear in the Web Directory, with either employee or student information. However, a request for privacy of student information will NOT affect the listing in the printed Faculty & Staff Directory.

If you have questions about your employee directory information, please contact Ms. Jody Huff,, P115 Andy Holt Tower, 865-974-5251.

Web page revised 5-10-13